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Rich Roll, vegan ultra-distance athlete shares in his ultra'long blog post, "If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of this product and stand behind it 100% as a life changer."


Photo Credit: richroll.com/postrun


Minimalist filmmaker, Matt D'Avella has professed the regular use of his Vitamix on his podcast. His friend, Jason Zook, commented on the prominence of D'Avella's Vitamix on his (minimalist styled) kitchen counter in a tweet. 

Photo Credit: mattdavella.com/tour 


The Minimalists.shop honors a Best Price Guarantee for 30-days plus a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee for the Vitamix purchased via the link below. It's every minimalists favorite for its professional capabilities packed in a smaller footprint. It is perfect in every way, guaranteed.

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